Dr Rieko Fukushima Byrom

Dr Rieko Fukushima Byrom

Research & Evaluation Lead


Rieko is a dedicated development anthropologist, educationalist and research professional who has worked in a variety of culturally varied environments, enabling a wide set of skills that can be adapted to support any number of professional settings.  

Rieko joined Murawin in 2021 and comes to us with background experience as a Lecturer at the Universities of the Sunshine Coast and University of Queensland, where Rieko’s role focused on contributing to the planning, design, delivery, and assessment of courses in Japanese Language, Sociology and Anthropology. Rieko led the design delivery and performance of the course offerings and discipline research.  

Rieko was a visiting research fellow at the School of Social Science, University of Queensland, she worked on Gender Research Work with Osaka University and was a Lecturer of Cultural Anthropology and Political Anthropology with Nihonbashigakkan University, Japan.

Rieko’s background also includes working as a Special Advisor to the Japan International Cooperation Agency in the Solomon Islands and working for the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Solomon Islands where she worked and researched in the fields of International Development and Women & Empowerment while living in the islands for a period of 7 years.

    Rieko also worked and researched socio cultural and gender aspects in Asia and Pacific countries, including Yap Island (FSM), Philippines, Japan, and Solomon Islands.  

    Rieko is a qualified high school teacher and has worked at various high schools throughout Queensland.  

    Rieko has demonstrated experience in:  

    • Program management
    • Curriculum development
    • Gender impact assessment and design
    • Literature reviews and publication
    • Social research
    • Focus groups and interviews


    • Doctor of Philosophy, International Cooperation, Specialised Gender and Development Anthropology, University of Nagoya, Japan
    • Graduate Diploma Education,Queensland University of Technology 
    • Certificate of Queensland Teacher Registration


      • Student’s motivation and their social and emotional wellbeing via empowerment approach funded by Queensland Program for Japanese Education, 2019 Research and Curriculum Development Program-Ongoing research. 
      • Modest Empowerment: Women’s Agency and Collective Power via a Church Related Woman’s Group in a Rural Town of the Solomon Islands, Doctoral dissertation, Graduate School of International Development, University of Nagoya, Japan, March 2008. 
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      • Ethnic Conflict in Solomon Islands: View from Women, NEWSLETTER 88, Japanese Society of Oceanic Studies, 2007. 
      • Gender and Anthropology: A Case Study of a Church-related Women’s Group in Noro, Western Province, Solomon Islands “Human Diversity and Biocultural Researches”, the Series of Humanbiologia Budapestinensis, Vol.30th, the Congress Book of European Anthropological Association., 2007. 
      • Women’s Fear and Collective Power during Ethnic Conflict in Solomon Islands: A Case Study of Women’s Groups in Solomon Islands Journal of Asian Women’s Studies Vol.15 Kitakyushu Forum on Asian, 2006. 
      • Aspects of Gender Relationships in the South Pacific and the Current Australian Aid Policy relating to Gender Issues – Case Study of Solomon Islands, AJF Sir Neil Currie Memorial Australian Studies Awards: Postgraduate assistance 2002/2003, Australia-Japan Foundation, 2004. 
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