Halena Scanlon

Halena Scanlon

Graduate Consultant


With a background in ecology, community development and sustainability, Halena is deeply passionate about the intersection between environmental and social justice.

Since joining Murawin in 2021 Halena has participated in several projects with a specific focus on Placemaking. As such, she is acutely aware of the complexities surrounding projects operating in the First Nations space. Irrespective of the project, Halena undertakes her work with sensitivity, dedication, and passion.  

As evident from her experience conducting research both internationally and in Australia, Halena has a strong research background with several articles published in peer-reviewed journals. She specialises in applying spatial analysis and community engagement techniques to understand how people use and value their environment and the various ways this is affected by the cumulative impacts of environmental change.  

Halena recently conducted research in Fiji, documenting the effects of extractive industries and climate change on subsistence communities. Utilising Participatory Geographic Information System (PGIS) techniques, tangible and intangible values assigned by stakeholders to the landscape, as well as threats to these values, were identified and mapped. This gave insight into the interconnections between the land and community, with the latter both assigning and taking meaning from the former. Findings were shared with participating communities in a summary document, equipping them with a support tool to inform future decision-making concerning land-use and caring for the environment on which their lives and livelihoods depend. 


  • Bachelor of Environmental Science, First Class Honours, University of Sunshine Coast (2020) 
  • Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Charles Sturt University (2020) 
  • Double Bachelor of Arts and Science, University of Sunshine Coast (2020)