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Murawin supports the Uluru Statement of the Heart and you can too

19 January 2022

For over 60,000 years Indigenous Australians have lived on this Country – valuing, respecting, and caring for Country under our own laws, leadership, customs, and territories.

Since 1770, Indigenous Australians have been advocating for our rights and our voice. We thank the people, communities and organisations, who throughout history have supported the rights and freedoms of Indigenous people.

Today, Murawin acknowledges our support for the rights and futures of Indigenous Australians by putting our hand up in support of the Uluru Statement of the Heart.

There have been many significant milestones that have culminated in the development of the 2017 Uluru Statement of the Heart. From the 1967 Referendum to the 1991 presentation of the Barunga Statement, the 1992 win of the Mabo Case, the People’s Walk for Reconciliation in 2000, and many more significant milestones, some documented in history, and others that were not.

In 2017, hundreds of people gathered at the National Constitutional Convention, held at Uluru, to form the Uluru Statement of the Heart. This statement is the culmination of decades of work. It is a message to the Australian people, from Indigenous Australians, calling for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is founded on three themes:

voice, treaty, truth.


The team at Murawin have accepted the invitation of the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Using the Uluru Statement Supporters Kit we are spreading the message of the Uluru Statement and encouraging our network to accept the invitation to walk together for a better future by establishing a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to supervise agreement-making and truth-telling.

Murawin’s CEO Carol Vale shared, “Murawin has facilitated many discussions with others about the Makarrata process because we believe in the need for truth-telling and a coming together, so that we can work through issues that need to be resolved. It is our hope that Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians will work together towards a society that respects First Nations rights and cultural heritage.”

“Murawin supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament protected by the Australian Constitution and the establishment of a Makarrata Commission. We encourage our colleagues, friends and family to do the same,” Carol said.

For more information, visit or if you’d like to yarn with us about The Uluru Statement, please email

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